Games Company of Heroes 2 closed beta kicksoff today, set across six maps

Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Shitiz Bhagal


Company of Heroes 2 developer dairy discusses multiplayer

Sega has released a new developer diary for Company of Heroes 2, which focuses on the  multiplayer portion of the game.In the video below the development team share their vision and ambition toward the mutilplayer aspect of the game and talk about how they have simulated the biggest battles of the Eastern Front in-game. Company of Heroes 2 maps are designed  in a way which will allows the players to utilize the terrain and building assets to their advantage, recover form setbacks and players can employ different types of strategy to win the battle.Furthermore, the video also gives us insight of the game’s commander classes, new progression system and content unlock.

Company of Heroes 2 releases on 25 June for the PC       

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