Games Far Cry Primal – Trailer, survival tips and developer diary

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Far Cry Primal – Trailer, survival tips and developer diary

Ubisoft sent forth a number of videos for Far Cry Primal over the past week or so, and we have collated all of them here for you to watch in one place.

Taming a badger and unleashing its fury upon the enemy, deploying a Sabre-toothed cat to take down a fierce bear, throwing spears to bring down an irate mammoth, firing fire arrows to set alight an enemy outpost, and encountering the unexpected while hunting wildlife are but a few of the antics one can get upto in the first-person action game.

The developer diary provides some context for this next instalment in the Far Cry series, with players fighting for their tribe’s survival in 10,000 BC, with mankind forced to adapt to the beautiful yet savage and unforgiving world or die. Titled “Bringing the Stone Age to Life”, this video sees Executive Producer Dan Hay, Creative Director Jean-Christophe Guyot and various other members of the team elaborating on the setting, the input acquired from various historians and anthropologists to portray the world accurately, the geographical location and more.

Primal is set in a large valley wherein different tribes – Wenja, IZila and the cannibalistic Udam – exist, and we learn about the differences in cultures between them. The clip also delves into the fascinating linguistics, the use of movement coaches to train the actors to assume the mind-sets of the Stone Age humans.   

Finally, in case you haven’t seen it, there is a trailer shining some light on the story of the game, with the player tasked with ensuring the survival of his people while contending with the harsh savagery of the beautiful land and its inhabitants. Crafting will be key to surviving in Primal, which means hunting and scavenging will be a part of what the player does in addition to combat.

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