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Project Eternity- First in-game level footage highlights environmental effects

Project Eternity is a game which was funded through a kickstarter campaign initiated by Obsidian Entertainment.  Today, Obsidian Entertainment has released a video which shows the game in action for the very first time.  The footage above doesn’t have any gameplay,  but its highlights the environmental capabilities of the game that they have produced with the game’s Infinity Engine.  Classic RPG titles like Icewind Dale were lacking in dynamic environmental effects.  And the type of dynamic features they have incorporated in the 2D top-down game is jaw-dropping. Features like dynamic day/night cycle, water physics, lighting effects, foliage reacting to the wind etc. All these features will certainly help in producing realistic, immersive and atmospheric environments in the game .

Project Eternity is expected to arrive in April 2014 on the PC, Linux and Mac

Source: Project Eternity’s Kickstarter Page


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