Games Spartacus Legends – The will of the mob trailer unleashes gladiatorial mayhem

Published on June 20th, 2013 | by whatsupdog


Spartacus Legends – The will of the mob trailer unleashes gladiatoral mayhem

Ubisoft, Kung Fu Factory and Starz are all ready to unleash gladiatoral mayhem on the masses in the upcoming Spartacus Legends, a free-to-play action game which arrives on 26 June on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live, and on the PS3 at a later as yet unspecified date this Summer. The in-engine trailer below reminds us of what it takes to form and become a champion in the arena.

The game allows players to build their own Ludus; if you haven’t been watching Starz excellent Spartacus TV series or are unfamiliar with Roman history, this was where gladiators trained and hoed their skills and bodies to become perfect fighting machines. Winning nets you coin as well as fame enabling you to purchase better weapons and armour and showcase your fighters on new platfroms/arenas. The video also reminds us that we should expect plenty of blood, gore and dismemberment and decapitations on your journey to greatness and glory.

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