Games The Division trailer highlights the significance of skills and their mods

Published on February 5th, 2016 | by whatsupdog


The Division trailer highlights the significance of skills and their mods

To aid with those suffering from withdrawal pangs following the recent conclusion of the extremely fun closed Beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft had posted this video to underline the importance of skills in the third-person online shooter.

The game features 12 skills, each with three mods, across three branches – medical, technology, and security. The clip details how the Pulse skill in the medical tree can be used to highlight enemy positions through walls and obstacles, with the Tactical Scan mod increasing damage dealt to pulsed enemies; the Sticky Bomb in the tech tree fires an explosive charge that can be attached to a surface or a hostile, with its non-lethal flashbang mod increasing its area of effect while disrupting enemies and leaving them vulnerable to attacks; the Ballistic Shield in the security tree is excellent for using as a mobile cover while advancing towards enemies, with the reactive targeting mod marking any hostiles that open fire on the player.  

One can also combine some of these skills, allowing for a range of tactical options. For example, one can deploy a mobile cover with the extension mod and deploy an auto turret upon it and activate smart cover for heightened damage output for the group. Completing medical, technology, and security missions that players acquire at their base of operations, one can upgrade the relevant wings and thereby unlock new skills and their modifications.

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