Games Total War: Warhammer – Azhag's Quest and Dwarfs Campaign gameplay

Published on March 4th, 2016 | by whatsupdog


Total War: Warhammer – Azhag’s Quest and Dwarfs Campaign gameplay

A duo of gameplay videos for Total War: Warhammer have been added for your viewing pleasure.

The first is Azhag’s Ard Armour Quest Battle, wherein we get to see around 12 minutes of glorious footage from a somewhat early part of the campaign as legions of Orcs and Goblins take on the noble Bretonnia in the fantasy strategy title from Creative Assembly. Azhag the Slaughterer is a Greenskin Legendary Lord, and the clip starts with him motivating his troops with a speech, following which the deployment phase commences. The developers walk us through some of the gameplay mechanics, including troop placement (archers and infantry) and tactics. A defensive strategy is employed against the three opposing armies as the battle commences, archers fire volleys and ground troops skirmish as Azhag takes on more of a support role by casting magic spells while atop his flying mount.

The next clip is all about the Dwarfs campaign, with it showing different locations and heroes. We get a look at the dwarf tech tree, which lets you expand settlements, and the building browser with infrastructure, military support and military recruitment branches. The video also shows the Dammaz Kron, or Great Book of Grudges, wherein grudges are issued and if settled, grant rewards. Low grudges are better for diplomacy and public order, with high grudges resulting in potentially negative consequences. We also get a look at the character stats and skills of Legendary Lord Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

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