Games Two new trailers mark The Order: 1886’s gold status

Published on January 23rd, 2015 | by whatsupdog


Two new trailers mark The Order: 1886’s gold status

Two fresh trailers are here for The Order: 1886 to mark the news that the third-person shooter from Ready at Dawn is on schedule for its 20 February PS4-exclusive release.

The first combines a mixture of cinematic footage and gameplay, as the Knights of the Order deliberate their centuries-old struggle against the Half-Breeds and the rise of the new threat in the form of the Rebellion, and a possible alliance between the two enemy forces. Set in Neo-Victorian London, the game combines elements of mythology and technology as the main character and his allies take on both humans and werewolves with a varied arsenal, including some fascinating experimental weapons.

The second clip is more of a teaser, as it doesn’t show any gameplay or cutscenes but instead tells the creepy story of a nine-year old boy called Bobby Paige, who is bitten (likely by a werewolf) when staying late out at night, and who returns home to his parents and transforms into a not so friendly creature, resulting in the grisly demise and the ill-fated end of his folks.

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