Games Armour Concept Art for Multiplatform Action-RPG Mother of Myth

Published on December 27th, 2013 | by whatsupdog


Armour Concept Art for Multiplatform Action-RPG Mother of Myth

Today we have a few new images from Playnery’s Mother of Myth, showcasing some of the numerous armour types that players can choose from in the multiplatform action-RPG being developed with the Bordeaux game engine. The developers have said that armour, shields, helmets and weapons can be crafted and sold, allowing for one to choose exactly that they need to wield and don to face their enemies, including mythological beasts, while they traverse around 17 story-driven dungeons.

As the images indicate, the game is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, and revolves around the protagonist learning how to harness the power of spirits and utilise them in real-time tactical combat in the midst of a war between the ancient gods and the titans. Mother of Myth is aimed at the PC (via web browsers), tablets and smartphones; no release date has been finalised yet, but we will inform you when we know more.

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