Games Interview With The Developers of Demolition Lander, a Space Combat Mobile Game

Published on February 24th, 2014 | by Shitiz Bhagal


Interview With The Developers of Demolition Lander, a Space Combat Game

Lightning Gaming News recently had a chance to speak to Sasha Anisimov, CEO and  Andrey Vlasenko, CIO of ApexTech, an international software development company based in Denver, who shared some details about their upcoming game, Demolition Lander for the Android, iOS, Windows and Ouya. They have highlighted some of the key features and gameplay mechanics which they have implemented in their upcoming game. Most of you may not remember Atari’s arcade game called Lunar Lander which was released way back in 1979; Demolition Lander is a game which is inspired by Lunar Lander.Demolition Lander was launched last week on Kickstarter Enjoy the Interview after the jump!

First, Could you talk about what was the inspiration behind Demolition Lander and how did you come up with the game concept at the heart of Demolition Lander?

Our inspiration for Demolition Lander, came from our childhood favorite, Lunar Lander. We extended the classic Atari game by adding some unique and modern features.

The actual game concept itself was born at a lunch while we were discussing the fun we had with childhood games. Andrey drew a ship with two engines on a napkin, which didn’t come out very great because of the difficulty of trying to draw on a napkin. So the engines looked rather skewed and unsymmetrical. Everyone at the table got quiet as the same unspoken thought crossed between us: The idea of having ships with individually controlled engines! The rest of the project concept was developed around this feature.

What are the key features of Demolition Landers, and what is the one that you are really proud of?

o Ships with two engines controlled separately (most proud of this feature)
o Huge gameplay levels
o Ability to destroy terrain
o Dangers of black holes, low temperature, and radiation zones
o Adding enemies and traps
o Multiplayer capabilities

Tell us about the development cycle and challenges you faced during the development process?

We stuck to an agile process for the prototype from day 1 of conceptualization. This helped us overcome problems with technological limitations, resulting in the core of the game being redesigned twice. However, at the end of it all, we came up with using native cocos2d for iOS.

Our first attempt at the game was to start with multiplatform support in mind. Thus, we began to develop the game using cocos2d with javascript bindings. This technology allowed us to run the code on various platforms with little to no effort but the game suffered from unsatisfactory performance and painful implementation of platform specific tasks.

Our second attempt was to try Unity, but we quickly learned that Unity is great for 3D games and not so much for 2D, like ours.

Finally, that’s when we came to native cocos2d for iOS, which was fast enough and easy to implement.

It was very challenging to find a compromise between performance and size of the levels with a set of interactive objects and visuals.

Did you develop Demolition Lander from scratch or did you based the coding on a pre-existing Engine?

We used the cocos2d engine.

As you have mentioned that the game has its own Physic engine, tell us more about it?

We used Chipmunk Pro physics engine and tuned every little bit of it for our game. Every object in Demolition Lander has its own physics body with mass, friction, elasticity, collision handlers, and applied forces. Also, every planet in the game has its own gravity, rigidity of the terrain and wind force. If it’s raining or snowing in the level, then the ground friction becomes lower than usual, causing some challenges to land in the right spots.

Every ship in the game is uniquely tuned in terms of physics with each ship having its own mass, engine power, auto stabilization, agility, and armor.

How do you differentiate the game from other such titles in the genre?

Demolition Lander is a modern 2D game that is easy and comfortable to control on a touch screen device with a traditional spirit of old arcade games. The game features massive levels and dynamic multiplayer modes.

Will owners of the current and next-gen consoles be able to play this game down the line?

The only console which will be supported in the near future (and if we reach out stretch goals), will be the new uprising star, Ouya.

Do you have any plan to release the Beta version of the game for the fans?

There is an early bird and also another reward in our Kickstarter campaign for beta testing for fans.

As far as add-on content goes will that be paid content, free content or a bit of both?


Although every part of the game is perfect what is your personal favorite mode in the game?

Relaxed exploration and also the dynamic multiplayer modes

What are your personal favorite games and on which platforms?

o Hillclimb racing for mobile devices (almost the same game engine by the way)
o Elastomania for PC
o StarCraft for PC
o Rock and Roll Racing for SNES
o Lunar Lander

Was Demolition Lander your first game concept or there was some other project that you wanted to develop?


After Demolition lander do you intent to work on project for consoles or do you plan to stick with Android and iOS?

Android and iOS, PC and Mac, and Ouya

If you had more resources and funding what would be the Key areas you will focus on in Demolition Lander?

o Multiplayer Mode
o Enemy Bots
o More Weapon Types
o More Planets
o Expansion to Android, PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Ouya, and Linux
o Global Mass Multiplayer Mode
o Public Level Editor

What would you say are the pros and cons of developing for PC, Android and iPhone?

PC and iPhone – smooth as silk
Android – painful testing on a lot of devices

Is there anything that you like to add that you want the fans to know about Demolition lander?

Nowadays games for mobile devices are becoming more like a store for “diamonds” that you must buy for real money in order to play further and win. I understand that game developers want to make more money using this type of monetization but modern free-to-play games kill the very spirit of gaming as it used to be; dynamic, exciting, and fun. Demolition Lander will have no in-app purchases at all! Which means that you’ll have to really play to win, and I’m sure that the process will bring a lot of fun for many gamers.

Thank you very much for the interview, and we can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us!

To know more about their project head over to their Kickstarter page. The project has only raised $895 of  its $20,000 with 23 days still to go,

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