Games New screenshots of Metro Last Light Faction Pack released

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New screenshots of Metro Last Light Faction Pack released

And now we have some screenshots as well as the full details of what the Faction Pack will contain and when it will be out. Deep Silver have stated that the DLC will consist of three singleplayer missions, wherein you assume the role of a specialist from different Factions: in the first one players step into the shoes of a Special Detachment Sniper of the Red Line whose objective is to “infiltrate a heavily guarded Reich Outpost at night, under the cover of a deadly radioactive storm”; next is that of a Reich “Heavy” armed with some devastating weaponry defending the Frontline, while the last sees you as a Polis Ranger undergoing training, whose assignment is to explore a vast Library complex for various artifacts and relics, with “Salvage exchangable for ammunition, filters and hazard suits allowing ever deeper exploration into the Library. Rangers are advised to light torches and leave a trail of lights so they can find their way back to the base before their precious oxygen runs out.”

So we have three new missions, and varied locales including some classic ones from the game that started it all – Metro 2033, in addition to new weapons, “a fan-favorite mutant foe, and three unique gameplay challenges”. This exciting piece of DLC arrives on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network on 16 July in North America and 17 July elsewhere, and will cost $4.99/£3.99/€4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points (MSP); the content is part of the Season Pass which contains the 4 Packs as well as the Abzats heavy automatic shotgun for only $14.99/£11.99/€14.99 or 1200 MSP, so if you intend to purchase most or all of the packs, that might be a good option.

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