Games Gameplay footage of Deathtrap –Van Helsing’s tower defense spin-off reveals engineer-like Arcane Mechanic

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Gameplay footage of Deathtrap –Van Helsing’s tower defense spin-off reveals engineer-like Arcane Mechanic

Neocore Games recently said that while most gamers enjoyed the tower defence mini-game in their recently released action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, not everyone was fond of this part of the game. Hence their subsequent decision to create a tower defense spin-off called Van Helsing Deathtrap instead of just including it in the sequel. The following 22-minute long video from Pax, thanks to RPGamer and Neocore Games PR and Community Manager Orsolya Tóth, shows various traps and towers making short work of the invading monsters. While we have expanded on the defence options below, fans of the franchise will be pleased to see that the video gives us our first look at the new engineer-like Arcane Mechanic class, with the protagonist wielding a flamethrower, artillery and grenades and summoning mechanical spiders via the Zapperbeast Distributor ability to devastating effect. The game allows players to upgrade their skills and bonuses as they complete levels.

Towers were of two types – Ray of Frost and Slice-O-Beam (lasers), while other defences shown included Monster-In-The-Box (which releases a ferocious werewolf upon invading hordes), Spike-O-Floor, Freeze-O-Floor, Portal-O-Pad, Rocketous Automated Sentry and Flamethr-O-Wer. The various traps can also be upgraded to make them more powerful using machine parts looted from enemy corpses and acquired by surviving waves. There also various teleport stations scattered across the level to quickly move from area of the map to another. As expected, the game forces players to efficiently utilise their limited machine parts required for constructing defences, and decide where to best place what trap so as to effectively contain and destroy the enemy, who comes in waves of four with two-minute intervals. Keep in mind that this is pre-alpha footage, so there’s scope for mucho improvement in the time prior to the game’s release.

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