Games Gorgeous Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition screenshots mark its release on PSN, Steam

Published on October 25th, 2013 | by whatsupdog


Gorgeous Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition screenshots mark its release on PSN, Steam

Namco Bandai Games has released Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition for the PC and PS3 via Steam and PSN, and has issued the following batch of screenshots marking the same. This version of the game also contains the Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC in addition to character enhancement skins – Ninja Monkey, Classic Monkey and Sexy Trip – as well as Steam Achievements, Cloud Saves and Big Picture Mode. Ninja Theory’s action-adventure title focuses on two distinctive but endearing characters – strong Monkey and tech-savvy Trip who combine forces to journey back home after escaping from confinement aboard a slave airship.

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  • Jack Slater

    I bought the game day one and had a great time playing it. There are many many occasions where you just stop playing and admire really amazing vistas.
    I wish there was more variety on the enemies side, if there was something less good to say about the game.

    The story is really nice,and there are many wow moments. Won’t spoil anything, but when you walk on a titan arm, you really feel how big everything was…play it and you will understand.

    The third character is really fun, you fell like wanting to give him a big hug.

    Unfortunately, when the ‘perfect10′ dlc came out, I had lent the game to a friend.but I never saw the friend, again, and of course, the game.

    This game for me is easily an 8/10 game. Too bad people skipped it.

    I’m happy it’s coming to the psn, along with the dlcs.
    If it costs less than 20$, I will buy it, and will happily replay it, and finally discover the dlcs, which, I remember, had received many 9’s and 10’s.

    Really, guys, if you see it on the bargain bin, for 10$ or less, grab it. You will spend +++10 hours on it, upgrading weapons, killing enemies, visiting wonderful and colorful places, always with a lot of tension, because… the main character … can’t get too far from ‘trip’, the girl in the game… because of…no, no spoils.
    Go and discover.

    • carpathian12

      I agree, this is one of the most underrated games out there, and deserves Kudos and more for what it has achieved.

      • Jack Slater

        Yeah, and it’s not the only one.
        A great game can go from selling 2 or 3 million units to only 300 or 400’000, if it gets released the same week as another big title.

        I don’t know how many sales it did, but I remember the week where I went to a big store, in my country, in europe, at Mediamarkt, I grabbed castlevania lord of shadows for my ps3, and I remember seeing 3 or 4 AAA titles that had been released one or two weeks before, moving out of the shelves.
        And castlevania is one of my top10 games of all time.+22 hours of epic gameplay, I remember .by the way, cant wait for Los II. With a free camera, and many any other things to do, skill upgrades,etc, I know I will grab it day one, even if I have already bought the ps4.

        Yeah, there are many great games that deserved much more attention from gamers, but if you release a game close to a AAA title, it’s like a suicide.

        ‘The saboteur’ also got many great reviews and scores, but people totally missed it. As I day, will grab it, I’m sure I will like it.

        Like Beyond:2 souls. QD and sony really had a big pair of nuts, for daring releasing it a few days after gta5.

        Sure, beyond isn’t a game for everyone. It’s essentially heavy rain fans and people that are tired of making headshots who’s gonna buy it, so gta5 won’t directly affect sales. The worst case, is people spending their cash on gta5, and nothing more. But as soon as they can, they will get beyond.

        I loved heavy rain and fully support QD and sony for daring making different experiences. Unfortunately, I bought gta5, and also got dragon,s crown, which is amazing. The diablo 3 demo left me wanting more and more, almost bought it instead of dragons crown. But it looks like diablo 3 will appear on the ps4, right? If so, oh my Lord, it’s gonna be awesome, with much crispier textures than on ps3, wonderful lighting, much more monsters at the same time, on screen, etc. Can’t wait.

        Have you played Heavenly sword, on ps3? I can’t find a copy, hope they will sell it on the psn, one day.
        oups, sorry for my big comment. I always want to give my POV, and end up with huge comments. If you check my comments, most are 1 A4/letter big :)

        And when there are dumb fanboys, I sometimes say some bad words.

        Anyway, it’s a pleasure to comment here, and help increasing the Disqus community. Thanks for reading and sorry for the big comments, once again.

        • carpathian12

          Ah…Lord of Shadows! Another great game I played on my Xbox 360, am still trying to take out some time to play through it again on my PC as I never got around to the DLC’s.
          Saboteur was an excellent one too, and I loved the setting as well as its open-world nature. Would have enjoyed a sequel, but I guess that hasnt panned out.

          Sadly, i havent been able to get a copy of Beyond Two Souls and Heavenly Sword, but have marked both of those down on my to-play list. Since my primary gaming platform remains the PC, I usually try and finish up most games on it before moving on to other titles on the Xbox 360/PS3; playing Arkham Origins right now and having a ton of fun with it :-)

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