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Published on June 9th, 2013 | by whatsupdog


Leaked Battlefield 4 screenshots hit the internet

A HUGE batch of screenshots from what looks to be the Alpha trial version of the multiplayer portion of EA’s upcoming FPS Battlefield 4 have hit the interwebs, and you can view them below. While the images seems to be from quite an early phase of the game’s development, they do reveal some interesting tidbits. First off, seems the four classes from Battlefield 3 –  Assault, Support, Recon and Engineer – are back, with what appears to be similar loadouts consisting of a primary and secondary weapon, choice of two gadgets, grenades, specialisation/ability, and appearance/camo.

Ribbons, medals and assignments also make a comeback, while vehicle customisation seems to include vehicle gadgets like IRNV optics, Zuni rocket pods and guided missile, as well as vehicle weapons such as anti-air missiles and burst shells. The HUD appears mostly the same, while the map shown indicates a primarily urban environment in a port city with high-rise buildings.  Access our previous articles on Battlefield 4 for more info, screenshots and gameplay footage.

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  • WallaceisReal

    Is that on PC with a controller or on the xbox?

    • Shitiz

      it seems these screenshots are from console version. did anyone else notice that the tank has limited ammo?

  • Richard Trevor

    Early alpha hopefully (;
    But i hope the acceptability (interface) will be much better in BF4.

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