Games Post-apocalyptic RPG After Reset’s Character Skills system detailed

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Post-apocalyptic RPG After Reset’s Character Skills system detailed

Black Cloud Studios have elaborated on the skills system for characters in their scifi post-apocalyptic RPG After Reset, which is being developed with the Unity 3D engine for the PC. The game takes place more than a century after a thermonuclear apocalypse has irradiated most of Earth, contaminating food and water and creating anomalies and mutants.

Here we have a rundown on the numerous skills players can develop in the game inspired by classics such as the Fallout and Baldur’s Gate titles –

Combat skills: These include ones such as Melee Weapons (hand-to-hand/melee combat which means knives, sledgehammers, spears, clubs, unarmed etc), Throwing Weapons (throwing knives, stones, bows etc), Firearms Weapons (affected by perception), Energy Weapons and Field Weapons (both affected by intelligence),

Activated skills: Here we have pretty standard ones like First Aid, Lockpick, Traps (set/disable traps), Steal (pickpocket), Science (hacking electronic devices, crafting and utilising gadgets) and Repair (fixing broken weapons, machinery, electronics etc).

Selected Mode skills: Here we know of just two so far; Stealth lets you stick to the shadows and remain undetected and Spot allows you to locate secret doors, traps and even stealthed characters.

Passive skills: Here we have skills such as Doctor (for dealing with major wounds, identifying negative effects on a character), Outdoorsman (knowledge of plants, animals and locations), Tumble (evade/roll/flip etc), Expertise (identifying unknown items), Speech and Trade (get those great deals).

These skills can be improved by completing quests, reading specific books or just equipping items with skill bonuses; there are also tagged skills selected during character creation process according to the character race, which are less expensive for the relevant character.

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