Games Cyberpunk 2D RPG Dex shows off its Concept Art

Published on November 27th, 2013 | by whatsupdog


Cyberpunk 2D RPG Dex shows off its Concept Art

Dreadlocks’ story-driven stealth- action cyberpunk RPG for the PC gets a bunch of concept artwork showcasing the characters and locations in Dex. The artwork shows off the initial concept/drawing and subsequent sprites and animations; one of the images also illustrates the final post-processed result in the Scrapyard area.

The Unity 3D engine-based sidescrolling game boasts of diverse locations in futuristic city of Harbor Prime, wherein luxurious skyscrapers meet shantytowns. Dex allows players to decide their own path to completing objectives, whether it be via arcade-style combat as a gunfighter, a stealthier approach as a hacker or a mixture of the two.

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