Games Dalshim and Zangief are coming back for Street Fighter V (6)

Published on November 14th, 2015 | by Shitiz Bhagal


Dhalsim and Zangief are coming back for Street Fighter V

Capcom has confirmed that yoga master, Dhalsim and Russian Wrestler, Zangief will be returning as playable characters in Street Fighter 5. Also during the conference at PGW, Capcom announced that six new characters will be added to the Street Fighter V roster over the course of 2016, which means that the game will have total of 22 playable characters at the end of next year.  

Player will have to use in-game Fight Money to unlock these six playable characters.  Fight Money is earned via gameplay; completing daily challenges and levelling up characters is another way to earn in-game currency. These character can also be purchased via real in-game money called Zenny.

You can find more information on Zangief via PlayStation Blog. Watch Zangief  the “Iron Cyclone” in action in the video below.


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