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Published on October 12th, 2015 | by whatsupdog


More Call of Duty: Black Ops III videos for you

Continuing the recent swarm of Call of Duty: Black Ops III media are two new videos for the FPS, giving us some insight into the story in the campaign as well as the cybernetic modifications that players can utilise.

The game is set in a future where corporations are extremely powerful and employ security personnel equipped with powerful weapons and equipment, and the writers talk about the attempt to make the upcoming shooter feature a strong narrative, with elements such as climate change and widening disparity in wealth shaping the world of Black Ops III, one where the aforementioned factors have led to proxy wars over dwindling and valuable resources. Apart from showings bits of gameplay and cinematic scenes, the clip also gives us a look at the data vault, which houses numerous codex articles, in a safehouse. The team at Treyarch also talks about the customisation/personalisation of your operative and the co-op aspect should provide for varying experiences for players.

The second clip delves into the Chaos set of cybercore abilities that players gain access to first, and as its name implies these are useful at distracting the enemy and sowing confusion which then lets you gain the advantage in the situation. Mass Overload can briefly disorient enemies, Adaptive Immolation sets alight a robot or explosives an opponent is carrying, Firefly Swarm unleashes nano-bots to blind the enemy and Firefly bots to incinerate them, Enhanced Sonic A.P allows one to incapacitate multiple enemies at once via a focused sonic wave weapon, Enhanced Cacophony detonates electrical, fuel and power containers while Wide-Area Misdirect displays decoy targets on the enemy’s sensors in an area. Electronic Strike incapacitates an enemy with a single strike to the chest, making it ideal for close-quarters combat.

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  • Clamp

    Nice move form creators. Now if developer want to be spotted should show as many they can, but still hiding that waht is most important. Short clips can do this, but a really good piece of art is to show long movie and hide important things. That made CI Games in Lords of The Fallen and it will make this in next game Sniper Ghost warrior 3 in next year. So everyone…lets watch some movies:)

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