Games Dark Souls II screenshots reveals fan designed shields  (6)

Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Shitiz Bhagal


Dark Souls II screenshots reveal fan designed shields

Do you remember the contest initiated by From Software that allowed fans to design their own shield for Dark Souls II? Take a look at the screenshots below to see how they look in-game. The first one shown below is called “Wicked Eye Greatshield”; it seems to be a tower shield, which is covered with numerous mysterious hand prints. The second shield is called “Great Shield of Raven Goddess” and displays an embossed raven/crow-like creature .

Dark Souls II will be released on 11 March for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version of the game is expected at a later date.


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  • Neco The Sergal

    Awesome, although I don’t think the quality given to the Raven Goddess shield is good enough. It feels dull in contrast to the concept art by the fan. They feel lifeless, not due to design but due to the crispness given by the engine and due to hardware limitations of PS3/360’s generation.

    • prokean256

      I hope PC version is better than the awful port of Dark Souls 1. Better visuals, controls and widescreen res optimization plox.

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