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Sir,You Are Being Hunted shows off New environment, Mountain Biome

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has a new video which shows off the latest environment of the  game,  Mountain Biome. It’s a first person-shooter set in an English countryside-style setting where players are being hunted by   tweedpunk robots for sport. In the video, Jim from Big Robot talks about the Mountain Biome region where players will find  ruined villages, farm building- which can have interesting loot and wooded areas, allowing for fun hunting and scavenging times.

The concept of the game is very innovative and appealing, taking place in an open-world where the players have to use their survival skills to take down the tweedpunk robots. Players will always have to  keep an eye on the stealth meter and minimise any noise, avoiding gun fights that will attract other robots, hiding in the foliage, crouching and sneaking up to their prey, and then using Bear traps or other tools on the robots to take them down. Can bear traps even work on robots? Guess we shall find out when this comes out for the PC in July.

If you are down for some robot hunting and scavenging interesting loot, then you can pre-order the game from here

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  • porthosmars

    this looks interetsing. I like the robots hunting humans theme, intriguing take on the hunter becomes prey concept.

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