Games Age of Wonders III to hit PC’s in late March

Published on January 4th, 2014 | by whatsupdog


Age of Wonders III to hit PC’s in late March

While we previously only knew of a vague Q1 2014 release window for Age of Wonders III, Triumph Studios has finally confirmed a more definitive release schedule for the turn-based strategy. The game is currently set to arrive on the PC in late March, with pre-orders to commence prior to that. The announcement comes amidst the ongoing closed beta, which should hopefully take care of any pesky bugs and ensure we get a polished release.

For the uninitiated, Age of Wonders III boasts of a vast world filled with varied locales ranging from mountain ranges and vaulted grottos to lush green forests containing treasure to hoard and monsters to battle, two playable factions in the main campaign with branching storylines as well as interesting multiplayer modes, while map-making tools also allow for the creation of numerous mods and custom scenarios. The game also introduces a new Lord development system to the series, which enables one to customise heroes/leaders through diverse skill trees.

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